"Nothing beats B-S!"

Our Vision: A galaxy where everything is B-S

Behringer-Sakaguchi delivers products and services that are the culmination of perfection and innovation; effective, functional and affordable within a single lifetime.

Everyone at B-S is their own "mini-CEO," responsible for running their own "me-company" at a healthy and rewarding profit, and ruthless when it comes to beating out the competition.

We are compliantly bold, constantly on the lookout for opportunities to bend convention into invention, while respecting the healthy constraints that come with being part of something bigger than ourselves.

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If you're in the galaxy, you're already surrounded by B-S. Why not take the leap and embrace life as part of B-S or one of our subsidiaries?

B-S M&A MBAs are waiting on a station near you to start the integration process. New B-S subsidiaries retain independence and control while enjoying B-S benefits that corporate assets love.

Don't forget our corporate motto: Life is full when it's full of B-S!